11 Advantages of Online Shopping in Malaysia

*Ding**Dong* Your package has arrived! Online shopping has become a trend and shoppers' preference especially for netizens. Your purchased goods can be sent right to your doorstep and it can offer a lot more benefits than you can ever imagine. Let us go through some of them, shall we? :)

Time Saving

As technology advanced, distance has been shorten, computer processor getting faster, even as human, our footsteps has to catch up with the fast moving pace of technology. Three minutes instant Maggi noodle in a microwave is considered slow! Time is so important for everyone of us! Instead of going to KL City to look for just an item, you can just browse through all the items you need with your finger on the screen and pick.

No Traffic

Have you ever notice the cars on the road aren't getting lesser every morning when you drive to work? Especially for those who are working at KLCC or Golden Triangle area, you really need to wake up extra early before everyone to skip the jam. This also sometimes happened to some shopping malls like MidValley, Sunway Pyramid or One Utama during weekends and the worst thing could happen is when you almost reaching to the entrance of the parking after a long jam towards the shopping mall, it says “Parking Full”. How we wished our cars can fly just like the cars in the movie “The Fifth Element” and we have yet to mention about the difficulty in finding a parking in a shopping mall.

No Crowd

For those who are demophobia or ochlophobia, perhaps online shopping is their way out. Even if you are not one, having “sardined” in the LRT commuter or bus during weekdays had given us enough of the crowd experience. Do not want to miss the One-Day Sales or Member Day Sales? Forget about it, you are not there to shop but being being pushed around by the crowd and move with the crowd flow and all you see are just people! You can hardly pick and choose the thing you want to get. Also, thinking about the long queue at the cashier counter, we will opt for shopping online:)


No time to shop for your girlfriend this Valentine? Or spent whole day driving to work and off from work? Or spent whole day to transit from one commuter to another and from one bus to another? When you want to shop, all the shopping malls are closed. No worries, you can do your online shopping anytime, anywhere, a real problem solver for the working class people.

No Stress

A cup of espresso, a slice of chocolate fudge cake, leaning on the lazy chair....Not relax enough? What about with your favorite Bach playing on your newly upgraded Hi-Fi? Who can resist if given opportunity to shop in such situation? No unwanted noise, and no sweat. Count all the cost before decide and do not need to travel a few rounds just to make sure before purchase. You can quietly browse through all the items and take your time before pressing the confirm button. There will be no salesperson or promoter eyeing you or bug you until you purchase one from them.


With all the robbery scene we watched on YouTube, the car hijacking stories on highways we read on Whatsapp, even the robbery case we heard of happened at the shopping mall's carpark, sometimes it is a real better choice to just stay at home. The probability of being targeted by the criminals is also lessen. Life is more important than anything else, isn't it? From choosing the item, paying for the item, receiving the item, all can be done at home without a single step out of the gate.

Surprise Gift

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Too shy to espress your love to him/her? Try to shop online, and send it right to his/her doorstep, or even his/her office, it might give him/her pleasant surprise. Some merchandise even offers special services that makes your gift special such as gift wrapping. You may want to try Everyone Celebrate, a Malaysia-based online gift shop that sells gifts on different occasion.

Ensured Availability

Sorry, we are out of stock”

A common statement comes from the storekeeper when we know the offer is out at a certain shop and we go all out to the shop with high anticipation but only disappointment in return. Well, you don't get that when you do it online. The website tells you all you need to know about the item including the availability and allow you to choose delivery method. At the end of the day, you save your time, petrol and toll's fee.


Given that the thing you want is fairly new and was just introduced to Malaysia. It is really hard to decide when none of your relative or friend has it, and no one can give you a good advice about it. What is the wait? You can get good and bad comments from the people of other nations who had purchased the item. The comments can give you sufficient information on the item before you decide to purchase it and it is free of charge.


Can't get the item you want locally? Tired of waiting for the latest smartphone model to be out in Malaysia's market? Or some recipe books that you want is not available at the local bookshop? Or want to start a small business by selling foreign goods? No worries, try Amazon.com (products posted by users from all over the world, used or new), Alibaba.com (good for trading, bulk purchasing) or even the product's official websites, you can purchase them and get the product delivered with a reasonable charges. Be the first to acquire exotic item from oversea and be proud of it!
More Offers

Sometimes we really did not expect all the discounts that internet could offer. It is always offers more than we could ask for especially with ShopCoupons. We partner with a wide range of stores, to give you the best deal in town helping you to safe more. Waste no time, look for discounts coupons at our website now!

If you have never try to shop online before, do it now! Better late than never. Below are some recommended Malaysia's online websites for you to shop without stress:-

a) Lazada - Offers good varieties of things to shop from hand gadgets to home appliances, cosmetics to dresses etc. Click here to look for offer coupons!

b) Zalora - Offers kids, men and women wears with wide range of brand. Click here to look for offer coupons!

c) Tesco - Tesco online grocery shopping website. Click here to look for offer coupons!

d) MPH Online - The online webpage of the famous MPH bookstore. Click here to look for offer coupons!

e) IdeaShop - Sells innovative goods and things good for gifts.

Now, what are you waiting for? Let's Do Some Shopping!

By Gideon Jos
February 02, 2016 | Tech

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